Not Like the Rest (sampler)


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xCRUTCHx's second full-length release "Not Like the Rest" will be out soon, but for now, here's a sample of the upcoming album!!


released May 14, 2013



all rights reserved


xCRUTCHx Edinburg, Texas

Straightedge Hardcore
It's just me. It's just one guy.

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Track Name: Not Good Enough
All alone in the fucking world
I feel like I'm missing out on life
I'm at a falling out
Looking down a barrel
I'm underneath the knife

Never getting sleep
Sheltered in my room
A self loathing piece of shit

I'm trapped in my own mind
A blinded third eye
I can't think straight
I feel like a damn disgrace
Take a look in the mirror
I can't make it any clearer

I'm just not good enough
Track Name: VTHC
The weather's hot
The people are cold
This place is violent
And the city is old
The times are hard
Yeah, the times are rough
But the music is harder
And the crowds are tough

The scene was the best
And then it started to die
But now we're back
No, we won't fall behind
The bands worked like hell
And now we're back on top
We hit Texas hard
And now we can't stop
It's for the love of music
It's for the love of friendship
It's for the love of unity
For all of those who have no where else to go

Valley Texas Hardcore
Track Name: Bottled Up
I'm a man who needs his space
Get off my back
Quit breathing down my fucking neck
You've already crossed the line

Don't get too close
Don't stay too long
I lock myself in my room for a reason
Stop running your fucking mouth
There will be a price to pay
I don't care about what you have to say
I just want my privacy
Don't talk to me
Don't fucking talk to me

The thought of you disgusts me
Your voice claws at my ears
I can go for days
Wishing you would go away
Track Name: Viper
Burn your bridges
Cut your ties
The friendships you've made slowly die
You're a snake, a viper among those who gave you their trust
Those you love will leave you in the dust

Put up fronts to feel like you belong
You wear a mask to hide what you've done wrong
And all your friends will see what you've become
But you know this is what you've been all along